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Currently, if you are interested in off-site group training in a classroom environment, I contract to CNM (formerly TVI) at their Workforce Training Center (WTC). The schedule and description of classes can be found at this link.

The courses currently offered there are Level 1 and Level 2. For any advanced training beyond that, you can negotiate with them directly. All contact information will be on their website. Any courses listed in their catalog offered on weekdays will be taught by me.

In the past, I have also taught AutoCAD at Santa Fe Community College, and San Juan College in Farmington, so I am quite comfortable in a classroom setting.

I also offer on-site training in which I come to your location and train you and/or your employees. This can be beneficial as you are working in your familiar environment and with your own drawing files. It is sometimes even possible to get a bit of project work done during training - slightly offsetting the cost of the training!

Finally, if your work environment isn't conducive to on-site training, I am more than happy to host one-on-one training in my office. If you bring your drawings and files with you, we can still work on your projects. Either way, you will learn only and exactly what you need to get your specific work done.

For more information and pricing, please contact me. I will be happy to work up a proposal for you!