What's Cadsultant about?      

Cadsultant was started in 1990 by Ed St.Martin - he's the guy you see on the home page - me! After about 8 years working for A/E firms, followed by a full-time teaching gig at a private college, I decided I wanted to help people more directly with this rather complex software.

The hardest question for me to answer, when meeting someone new, is the seemingly harmless "What do you do?" I've managed to construct a succint, if not ambiguous answer of "I create construction documents for Architects and Engineers". Everyone has their own idea of what Architects and Engineers do, and with a little explaination of what I mean by construction documents, most people seem satisfied.

To explain a little further what Cadsultant offers, there are two service lines: Contract Drafting and Contract Training, which are each covered in detail on their respective pages.

My experience in the various fields of Engineering and Architecture allows me to understand what's important to each of my clients and enables me to generate a final product that fits their individual needs. Indeed, that's where the "Custom AutoCAD Services" byline comes from.

One day may find me in my home office working on a set of survey drawings, the next meeting with an interior designer talking about remodeling a chain of hotels, and the next out in the field doing as-built measurements or supervising the construction of a landfill. It's this varied work flow that piques my interest with AutoCAD - always striving to find the most efficient way to get it to handle a new type of project.